Who we are

Laryngeal cleft: who we are?

What do we do

We create a an opportunity to find answers, understanding and support. Where parents can meet virtually form all over the world, sharing experiences and information about laryngeal cleft and its related disorders.

Create awareness

We believe in providing valuable information about laryngeal cleft and especially to create awareness about this rare anomaly. You can find information and get in contact with parents in similar situations.

My support

Integrated in this site we provide info about laryngeal cleft and related disorders. You can create a free account and comment on the articles. Just sign up and get started. Exchange experiences and information with other parents about laryngeal cleft!

Tips & Links

This website is especially meant for parents with children who have laryngeal cleft. We offer documentation, an online community, links and tips about Laryngeal cleft and much more, which you can find easily on our page.

Who we are


My name is Mark and I live in The Netherlands. Our son is Diego who has a laryngeal cleft. I created this website to share experiences and information about laryngeal cleft.


My name is Diego and have had a successful laryngeal cleft repair when I was 1 year old. Right now I am doing fine and am enjoying my life! I help my dad telling my story to help you!

“We truly believe in helping parents and their children who have laryngeal cleft. Because we too are parents with a son with laryngeal cleft in search of answers.”