What is laryngeal cleft?

What is laryngeal cleft?

With this site we hope to create more awareness for the rare congenital anomaly of Laryngeal Cleft. Besides that we hope to share experiences and information with other parents and between them. Get in contact with other parents now!

What is laryngeal cleft? 
Laryngeal cleft (fissure of the larynx) is a rare abnormality of the separation between the larynx, or voice box, and the esophagus. When the larynx develops normally it is completely separate from the espophagus, so swallowed foods go directly into the stomach. A laryngeal cleft creates an opening between the larynx and the esophagus so food and liquid can pass through the larynx into the lungs.

What are the symptoms of laryngeal cleft? 
Laryngeal cleft causes swallowing problems. Coughing, gagging, frequent respiratory infections, and chronic lung disease are also symptoms of the disorder.

How is laryngeal cleft diagnosed?
Laryngeal cleft is diagnosed through a comprehensive aero-digestive evaluation performed under anesthesia.

What is the treatment for laryngeal cleft? 
Laryngeal cleft is treated with surgery to close the opening in the larynx. Conventional treatment for the condition is invasive surgery requiring an incision in the neck and opening of the larynx. Surgeons at Children's Hospital Boston were the first in the world to perform robotic surgery on an airway to correct a laryngeal cleft. The robotic equipment allows surgeons to work through the oral cavity and in the restricted confines of the airway without impeding breathing. This minimally-invasive technique results in less pain and scarring and faster recovery. At this time we are constructing this webiste and development will be ongoing.